Darby's Story   

Darby Steadman is a suburban, stay-at-home mother of two children. In 2004, at the age of 34, she was diagnosed with a non-invasive, highly treatable form of breast cancer.  After aggressive surgery and treatment, Darby was pronounced cancer-free and at virtually no risk for recurrence.  In 2007, her cancer returned as a stage IV metastasis to other parts of her body, including her spine.

Darby immediately entered active chemotherapy, which she continues to receive today to keep her disease from progressing.  She also made the decision to enter into a breast cancer vaccine trial conducted by Dr. Leisha Emens at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center(click for details).

Throughout her treatments, Darby relied on her unfaltering  network of friends and family to drive her- both literally and figuratively.  They drove her to appointments, drove her kids to activities and drove to the store to get her groceries!  Now, Darby wants to drive- and her foundation will use her determination to help advance the work of  researchers working on the cutting edge of medical science.
Darby and John Steadman, November 2007
Darby getting chemo drip, July 2009
Driving Miss Darby Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 271077
Tampa, FL 33688

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The Driving Miss Darby Foundation does not issue medical advice, nor does it guarantee the success of any treatment in any facility.  Please seek medical advice from a licensed physician.
"Stage IV? What is that- like four out of ten?"
Darby Steadman, September 2007